Case Study

Client – 1 community

Westchester Community College
Project Title: For the Highest Good of All
Digital Design
instructor: Deborah Krikun

This case study is about my transformation as an artist/student and the transformation of  a non-profit organization logo.

Project brief

1  community is a non-profit organization that created a model system that others around the world could mimic, there Moto is “For the Highest good of all”. Which most would wonder what they meant, well 1 Community has not focused on 1 area to change the world, they focused on every aspect needed to make a better world for the children of tomorrow.  Areas of focus: Food, Agriculture/farming, Education, Philosophy, Energy, Housing, Society, Economics, Stewardship, and  City Planning. So my assignment in class was to learn about their goals and create a logo that described who and what this non-profit represented. Also I was instructed to create a poster design for marketing 1 community.

Below is a brief description of what 1 community is all about.

One Community is open source project-launch blueprinting and free-sharing a large-scale global sustainability strategy that facilitates the building of self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world. We are doing this because we are a For The Highest Good of All organization and we believe our success has the potential to create a new era of cooperation, collaboration, innovation, creativity, sustainability, and increased peace and happiness for all of humanity


Digital Design was the first computer class I’ve ever taken, In this class I needed to understand Adobe Illustrator and the applications that came with it. A.I. has many tools I needed to complete my project like  vectors, which was a new creative way for me to express my ideas.


For my research I looked at the globel view of 1 community and tried to figure out what they were really about. Seeing that 1 community was not just trying to help the world in one way, they were doing in any way possible. I knew that this company was the perfect choice for my project. I found out that 1 community has not only mastered each area they focus on, but they are open sourcing there methods and techniques to building a better world for everyone, not just a specific social class. I copied and pasted a brief example of what I mean. One Community is open source and free-sharing everything needed to simultaneously address all the challenges currently facing humanity. This includes 7 complete and different sustainable village prototypes, all related living infrastructure, and a Highest Good society model for global transformation. We are doing this as the launch-point for a global cooperative of self-replicating teacher/demonstration hubs purposed to share and spread this model for comprehensive sustainability and collaborative global change for The Highest Good of All. Our initial focus is the following areas: (click icons for complete pages)

sustainable food, best practice food, sustainable food systems, aquaponics, walipini, aquapini, zen aquapini, One Community, open source food, free-shared architecture, sustainable living, green living, eco living, living ecologically, for The Highest Good of All, transforming the world, grow your own food, build your own greenhouse in the ground, ground greenhouse, open source architecture, architects of the future, sustainability non-profit, 501c3 organization, sustainable life, water catchment, organic food, food anywhere, maximum food diversity, build your own farmers market, sustainability cooperative, sustainable living group, open source, sustainability nonprofit, free-shared plans, teacher/demonstration village, open source project-launch blueprinting, One Community Update Highest Good energy, green energy, off the grid living, eco-living, going green, sustainable energy Highest Good housing, cob construction, earthbag construction, straw bale construction, earthship construction, subterranean construction, sustainable homes, eco-homes duplicable city center, solution based thinking, One Community, SEGO Center, city hub, recreation center, eco center, sustainable living, ecological living, green living, eco-recreation, group laundry center, for The Highest Good of All One Community school, One Community education, teaching strategies for life, curriculum for life, One Community, transformational education, open source education, free-shared education, eco-education, curriculum for life, strategies of leadership, the ultimate classroom, teaching tools for life, for the highest good of all, Waldorf, Study Technology, Study Tech, Montessori, Reggio, 8 Intelligences, Bloom's Taxonomy, Orff, our children are our future, the future of kids, One Community kids, One Community families, education for life, transformational living Highest Good for-profit business, Highest Good non-profit business, open source business, One Community entrepreneurial model, making money at One Community, sustainable business a new way to life, living fulfilled, an enriching life, enriched life, fulfilled life, ascension, evolving consciousness, loving life living and creating for The Highest Good of All, global transformation, making a difference, good for people, good for the planet, good for the economy, good for everyone, the solution to everything

More specifically, we are designing and free-sharing everything needed for duplication of each component and/or all of One Community including:

  • Complete duplication plans
  • Complete cost and implementation needs
  • Complete cost analysis for material and equipment
  • Complete time-investment needs for each component
  • How to work with local governments, counties, codes, etc.
  • Specifically how to duplicate each component, and what to be aware of
  • The best places that we’ve found to purchase materials, equipment, and other related elements
  • Our complete and on-going experience. This includes evolutions of all of the above as well as an educational systemsocial architecture, and other Highest Good of All lifestyle and stewardship practices


My strategy for my project creating a Logo from a found object was pretty hard for me. However I thought about an object that everyone in the world might identify with and they was a Bamboo plant, the world and the hand holding up 1 finger. I designed several logos for each object I found and tried to connect them with the idea of the non-profit. Each object I choose was in my eyes a pretty good way to identify 1 community.

Bamboo Plant

BamBoo 3 Bamboo Plant



However what I choose to do was to design something peacefully beautiful that represented life and love, because that’s what I believe 1 community envisioned overall with their initial logo.

One Community

Design solution

I created several vector outlines of each object to get a grasp of their orientation and how I could use that to recreate a logo for 1 community. After each design and much necessary review from my teacher I began to create iterations on each design the teacher and my classmates felt was strongest for  a logo design. Once I was closer to finalization of  my logo, I began to work on a marketing poster design for 1 community. This purpose was to find a way to get people or potential clients interested about 1 community. How could I draw people in and keep them interested about this non-profit. My goal with the poster was to find a way to express how 1 community can change the world, and what 1 community was all about to someone who has never ever heard of them.


The challenges I face were staggering because I never had any training in A.I. nor did I have to the capacity to keep up with the teacher and my classmates mentally. I have a disability that allows me to process information slowly and if I miss one thing I can completely fall apart. As for learning all the tools in A.I., it was pretty hard for me, to the point I wanted to drop the class. Learning how to create new pages from A.I., vectors, cropping, masking, duplicating images and etc. was pretty hard for me to grasp. I also had to learn that I couldn’t just draw what I was creatively imagining, it had to be constructed all in A.I. I mean at one point I brought a digital drawing pad, however after many attempts of working with it I gave up. I couldn’t master it in the time needed to complete the assignments due, so I went back to my mouse and struggled on. I also don’t take criticism very well, having the teachers and my classmates critique my work was extremely hard to swallow. At many times I found it hard to complete the homework, because I couldn’t grasp some of the instructions from the teacher or just the ideas I was supposed to portray. My final logo design and my poster is still being reconstructed because I don’t have the natural ability to get it right the first of couple of times. Below is the so-called final result of my work.



The class to me was extremely effective to my growth as an artist and potential graphic designer. I now have a better understanding of how much work goes into something as simple as a logo, and how much A.I. has been helpful to graphic designers. My view of the art world has changed, and now I can automatically recognize what is a graphic design piece. The Digital design class has been very helpful in improving my skills and now my portfolio will be even more impressive.


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